What is Paraxial.io? A CTO Level Introduction

Michael Lubas, 2023-02-04

Paraxial.io is an application security platform designed for Elixir and Phoenix. We provide an alternative to tools such as Snyk, reCaptcha, and Cloudflare bot defense. You may have questions about these statements, such as, “Why do businesses buy this software?”.

Every business using Elixir and Phoenix in production today needs strong security. Cyber attacks are a daily occurrence on the internet, and criminals are always looking for ways to exploit your business via credit card fraud, credential stuffing, or SMS toll fraud. Building custom solutions to all these problems is extremely costly, and allocates valuable engineering hours away from revenue generating work. Therefore, many businesses choose Paraxial.io, to defend against these attacks.

Stop Bots Without Annoying reCaptcha Puzzles

The first major feature of Paraxial.io is bot defense. When you are browsing the web, and suddenly have to solve a puzzle about fire hydrants, you have hit a reCaptcha. These annoying challenges are due to a product made by Google, with a similar goal to Paraxial.io, stopping malicious bots. However, using reCaptcha hurts profits because frustrated users are less likely to use your site, and hackers know how to bypass it. Paraxial.io uses several bot defense techniques to stop attacks, without forcing users to solve confusing and unnecessary puzzles.

Securing the Software Development Lifecycle

Paraxial.io scans your application for source code vulnerabilities, security issues in dependencies, and tracks these findings for your team. This is a basic requirement for many industries, such as finance, healthcare, and any business handling sensitive customer information. There are many vendors in this area, such as Snyk, but none of them fully support all three major Elixir security tools.

Many companies using Elixir need the following: bot detection, dependency scanning, and static analysis. However, they may end up using three different vendors, significantly increasing costs. Paraxial.io is the only vendor with full support for all three of these functions in Elixir, saving you time and money.

Paraxial.io stops data breaches by securing your Elixir and Phoenix apps. Detect and fix critical security issues today.

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