Rocket Validator Stops Spam Users with


Rocket Validator helps website owners detect accessibility and HTML issues in their pages. The founder, Jaime Iniesta, was dealing with an annoying problem: spam user registrations. Bots would register for the service, but these signups were spam, not real humans. Jaime decided to create a account, and create honeypot forms for the bots to submit. What happened next?

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The honeypot form is invisible to normal users, but bots are not able to tell the difference, and end up revealing themselves. handles the banning, and Rocket Validator is free of spam users.

With the bots caught Jaime now has much more accurate data on how many real users are signing up for Rocket Validator. With, the site is also protected against bots performing automated attacks, without annoying real users by forcing them to solve reCaptcha puzzles. secures Elixir and Phoenix applications. Professional services, including Elixir developer security training and penetration testing, are also available. Schedule a call today. is the only application security and compliance platform made for Elixir.

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