Elixir Security: A Guide to Fixing Sobelow Findings

by Michael Lubas

Sobelow is the static analysis tool for finding security issues in Elixir and Phoenix code. If you’re using Elixir in production, running Sobelow is highly recommended, because it automatically checks for common security issues. Today, detailed guidance on how to triage, verify, and fix each finding is included in Application Secure. Enterprise customers can also request professional assistance when fixing reported vulnerabilities. This guide is open source, for the benefit of the Elixir community, on the Github -

Consider the following Sobelow finding in Application Secure:

finding0 customers can now access much more detailed guidance about this finding in their account:


If you are not a customer, see the Sobelow Guide on the Github for details on each finding. secures Elixir and Phoenix applications. Professional services, including Elixir developer security training and penetration testing, are also available. Schedule a call today. is the only application security and compliance platform made for Elixir.

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